• Tracking Case

    Simply remarkable and simple. This new concept allows you to be informed with in a few seconds if your case is moved, not only will it track live in 220 countries, the battery life can last up to 3 months.

  • The New Prime Lite

    The Prime is a device that will track live from ten seconds around the globe and you can be alerted within seconds if something moves.It also has a panic feature button, if pressed and held down for 5 seconds, alerts will arrive within seconds.


    The Prime II can store 10 thousand positions on its internal memory, this is great when GPRS is not available. The Prime II will simply store it and send the data to our servers when the network does become available. Another good reason why the Prime II performs to a high standard is because of the size of the internal GPS antenna,

    From: £110
  • Bond Tracker 2000

    The Bond tracker was designed to be completely 100% waterproof and very covert, to charge the Bond Tracker you simply place it on the charging mat. The Bond Tracker is packed with performance, storing 10 thousand positions on its internal memory. This enables the device to store any positions that could not be sent due to no GSM coverage, this gives you a great tracking line when viewing on the panel.

    From: £209
  • Bond Tracker 5800

    The Bond 5800 is a device that can be magnetically place on any asset that has a metal surface.


GoTEK7 GPS Tracker

The GoTEK7 GPS Tracker brings a cutting edge technology which is very easy to use, doesn't require any additional knowledge, with complete support for more than 196 countries. Once you purchase our product you won’t have to pay any monthly fees or perform any additional payment. GoTEK7 GPS Tracker doesn’t even require a SIM card, and it works perfectly out of the box, without any issue. The device is great for personal and business use thanks to the large array of features and customizability that it provides.

Real Time GPS Tracking Devices

Our wide range of tracking devices provides you with all the necessary features that you might need, including real-time GPS tracking. With the help of this revolutionary feature you will have the ability to track the location of your car or any other item a lot easier, not to mention the fact that you will also have the ability to see your see your current location without a problem. Additionally, with the help of such a device, you will immediately receive very accurate location information, which is very important. The durability and features of the real-time GPS devices can be further extended by using the accessories available in the store.

Home of Best GPS Trackers

GoTEK7 has been designing and producing GPS trackers for decades now and their high quality surpasses client expectations all the time. The best GPS trackers in the world are created here at GoTEK7, as they combine great technology with impressive ease of use, reliability, durability as well as numerous other features which make them a great product. GoTEK7 always expand the product line with even more revolutionary devices, so by purchasing such a device you will have the latest GPS technology right under your fingertips. The GPS trackers created by GoTEK7 are the best in the world thanks to their unimaginative design and extensive set of features, so if you are looking for a reliable product of this sort, then you definitely need to give them a try.


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At GoTEK7 we produce all of our products in-house, this means we can create large scale, personal solutions tailored to your requirements.

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