• We launch The New Prime , Includes WIFI/Bluetooth And Much More
  • New Range Of Samsung-iPhone Rechargeable Cases With GPS, A New Twist On Lone Worker
  • Stunning Ultra Thin Bike Seats With Our Tech Inside, The Best On This Planet
  • New HTML Super Fast Platform And Some Crazy New Exciting Features
  • Entry Ticket

    No Monthly Fees

    Once you purchase your tracker, you can then choose from many Pay/Go options from our website. Choose the package that suits your requirements.

    No Roming Charge

    No Roaming Charges

    Gotek7 gives you the freedom to travel across the globe without occuring any additional roaming charges

    No Sim Card

    No Sim Card

    All our devices arrive with a working global data sim card inside. There is no requirement for you to place a sim card inside our devices.

    Our Tracking Solutions

    We believe in making all our solutions work straight out of the box. We have eliminated
    any roaming charges, allowing the user the freedom to travel around the globe.
    We pride ourselves with a great engineering department that has the ability to provide
    tracking solutions to those that simply cannot find a company to make it possible.