RF Receiver

RF Receiver


RF Receiver which can be associated to our RF Transmitters.
In other words, RF Receiver allows you to find precisely where your RF Transmitter is !
This solution is very useful where the GPS signal isn't clear.

Product Description

The RF Receiver allows you to find your RF Transmitter which can be associate to your GPS tracker.

Being able to localize your GPS tracker with a precision of a centimeter where the GPS signal isn’t clear is the major advantage of using a RF Receiver with a RF Transmitter.

The Receiver can detect the transmitter in a range of 10km when there’s no obstruction to the signal and 3 to 4km when there’s walls and other obstacle on the signal way.

It’s very easy to use that RF Receiver, you only need to interact on the On/Off button to switch on or off your device. The Receiver should be on the same frequency than the Transmitter to detect it.

Size : L215mm / W70mm / H35mm (without antennas)