RF Credit Card Transmitter

RF Credit Card Transmitter


Our RF Credit Card Transmitter truly characterises the GoTEK7 brand – it’s unique and stands out from the crowd! Aptly named, being only the size of a credit card, this transmitter will easily fit inside a wallet or similar storage place, and plays a vital security role, accurately detecting items to within a few centimetres.

Product Description

How do I find it?
You should you wish to increase the range from the RF card to your receiver, there are ways to do this:

• Place a small 433.00 – 434.00 magnetic antenna on the vehicle and connect it to your receiver via an SMA connector. As this type of antenna is small, it will not seem suspicious.
• Connecting a Yaggi antenna to your receiver also improves range and direction.
• For those who do wish to spend the extra money, receivers like the “Contact Pro” or “Marshall Tracking Receivers” are at the top end of the market.

There is nothing better than testing your limits and improving your search skills. The more you practice, the better and quicker you will become, and the feeling of being able to place your hand on something which may be hidden inside a cupboard inside an office building is incredible.

Why is this different to other simple and very inexpensive Bluetooth or short range beacon finders?
There is a vast difference between luggage finders or key finders costing less than £20.00. The range of our radio card is extraordinary. It is able to penetrate through concrete buildings as well as steel o concrete safes. It has a much lower frequency than 2.4G or 868 Mhz which enables the frequency to travel at much longer distances.

Each RF card is set to a default setting at 1mW output, and consuming so little power this can reach distances of more than 500 metres in built up areas. Another key feature of the RF card is its capability to only transmit when the card remains stationary. The RF card must be stationary for a period of twenty seconds before it will transmit. Additionally, if required, it can also be programmable to only transmit when the card is moving.

Most of the key finders currently available on the market use Bluetooth technology, which has an extremely short range. When placed into challenging environments, their range can decrease to 20 metres. However, generally they serve their purpose and are useful as they work in conjunction with smart phones.

What purpose does the RF Credit Card Transmitter serve?
There are many scenarios where the RF Credit Card Transmitter offers the perfect solution. For example, located inside a wallet for security and protection or dispatch environments where expensive items are regularly handled.

There are dedicated organisations within the UK which have the ability to cover almost an entire town and recover such a small card within hours. The card could also be used with other GPS tracking devices, and the ability to closely track with complete reliability assured, is a real advantage for those who rent equipment. We also see huge potential in placing the card inside drones or other types of airborne equipment.

What is the longest range that has been achieved?
Using devices from a height will always generate the best results as there is very little between you and the transmission. From a land perspective, experience of tracking hundreds of assets using RF shows that each situation differs as building structures, the surrounding area and even the weather can have an impact. A typical range will be from 500 metres to five miles. If the transmitter is programmed to throw out 10 mW, you have a good directional receiver and you are able to stand on a tall building, the range can increase to 20 miles.

However, if you are standing at ground level in a town such as Manchester, you can expect a range of 500 plus metres. A location which gives you the ability to turn around 360 degrees with very few objects obstructing your view will increase your range.

Are there many RF beacons in the UK using the same frequency?
Over the last two to three years asset tracking has increased tremendously and while there are devices with GPS and RF, most of these require you to turn on the RF transmitter by sending an SMS message to the device from the mapping platform. The most common devices are set to a standard frequency and do not have the ability for this to be altered.

In contrast, the RF card enables you to set your own frequency between 420.00-450.00 Mhz and therefore the likelihood of there being another transmitter with your tone, individually named Morse Code transmission every ‘X’ amount of beeps, and being in the same place, isn’t just unlikely, it’s virtually impossible.

Can I purchase the card with a standard default setting?
All the cards are set to a default setting of 1mW output and a frequency of 433.075. If you would prefer a higher output and a different frequency, we are able to set this for you.

Do you supply the software to programme the RF cards?
Yes, we do. There is an additional cost involved and we can supply the software with your company name. We can supply to programming cable and the PCB card holder.

Frequency range from 420-450 Mhz, Default is 433.075.
Power output can be changed from -20 to +12 dbm.
RF range from 500 metres to five miles plus.
Variable programmable settings on motion. Default setting is to transmit after 20 seconds of no motion.
Low battery voltage protection.
Programmable beep frequency. (The type of pitch tone you hear on your receiver)
Programmable Morse Code. (The board can send the name of the asset or item in Morse Code after ‘X’ amount of beeps)
Programmable Morse ID frequency tone. (The tone can changed when sending the name of the asset)
Programmable beep space. (The length of the gap between each transmission can be shorter or longer)
Programmable beep length. (The length of the transmission burst can be altered)
Programmable motion sensor. (Transmit either on motion or no motion)