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Long pocket magnet GPS tracker 1800mAh

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We take all of our skills in the domain of trackers, to bring you the long pocket magnet tracker.

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    Trackers require a valid up-to-date service top-up to remain active on our servers.

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Product Description


Network performance

Power of 2G with GSM level display on platform


Can stand the rain, sun, heat or chill.

Dedicated platform

Remote access to the tracker using the web platform or the smartphone app.

Powerful magnet

Easy to install on all metal surface with magnets

Wireless charging

Hard case, charging by induction

Eco Friendly Plastic

Strong eco-friendly plastic that can withstand harsh temperatures.
We take all of our skills in the field of GPS tracking to bring you the Long Pocket Magnet GPS Tracker 1800mAh. This GPS tracker is a mass of performance, use the 2G stability. With its powerful magnets, you can install it where you want. The Long Pocket Magnet GPS Tracker 1800mAh is easy to use and will send its location as soon as it starts to move. Movement history can be consulted at any time using the dedicated platform our smartphone app, both designed and created by GoTEK7. It’s also possible to receive motion/geofence notifications by SMS with top-up services or by push notifications with the smartphone application. For more detailed information, feel free to contact our support team.

Additional Information

Weight 0.125 kg
Dimensions 6.87 × 6.7 × 1.52 cm

1800 mAh

Battery life

Around 15 days

Charging time

4 hours





Heat resistance

Up to 160°C

Monitoring platform



SMS with top-up or push notification with Tactical Tracking application