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GPS IPhone Cases


The GPS iPhone Cases allows you to charge and track your smartphone at the same time !

For iPhone 5 / 5S /5C / SE

After 3 months of inactivity, the SIM card will be deactivated.

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Product Description

Why do we consider there is a market for IPhone Cases like this? We believe it has great potential within the lone market sector. Although there are currently many devices on the lone worker sector on the market, the major problem is it’s simply another device you have to take with you; something else you need to charge. In addition, just how effective some of these devices are when used inside buildings is another question. We are also noticing a huge increase in the number of young children owing such devices, and we firmly believe these IPhone Cases could be of benefit to parents.

We all know how lacking the iPhone is with its battery life. A huge advantage is that you can now charge your phone using the internal battery inside the IPhone Cases. The ability to just press the charge button on the case without the need for any cable is a huge bonus.

We consider performance to be simply remarkable. Its outstanding attainment is a result of several factors. The GPS antenna points directly away from the phone and has been positioned to receive the lightest GPS signal. No matter if your phone is placed on the dashboard, on the seat of your vehicle or even in your back pocket, it makes no difference to its performance. Viewing the case move live via an app or on your PC is fun to watch !

This was a challenge as the battery had to be exactly the correct size, measured to the millimeter. We wanted to match both performance and reliability with lots of power and finally opted for 3.85 volts, squeezing 1700 mAh inside the case. To allow our customers the ability to charge their phone whilst supporting our device was dependent upon the type of battery we could install. We found that only a bespoke battery could meet our requirements.

Power consumption was also a major challenge. Keeping GPS on constantly would certainly drain any battery. Our GPS board switches off after 20 seconds of inaction whilst keeping the modem on to receive any changes with the tracking interval.

We have also introduced a feature called ‘log mode.’ This allows to board to log all GPS positions whilst in motion, without the need for it to be kept on. The board will then send all past movements of the case to the server every ‘X’ hour. The power consumption to this mode is extremely low.

We also discovered it would be pointless to keep GPS on whilst the phone was in use. As members of my family are always on the phone, I found this remarkable to watch and it was great to remotely adjust the motion sensitivity of the board. Once the phone is picked up data arrives in seconds, yet if the phone remains in a location where it is not moved quickly the GPS remains off and uses very little power.

The method of charging your phone has not altered in any way. Simply use the supplied charging cable you currently use to charge your device.



Housing Radio Technology GPS/AGPS Functionality Battery Battery Life
L 137mm/W 34mm /H 19mm Frequency:850/900/1800/1900 MHz UBlox GPS
  • Capacity: 1700 mAh
  • Under normal use 3-4 days