Bolt GPS Tracker

Bolt GPS Tracker


The Bolt GPS Tracker has been designed to be extremely robust and waterproof to IP67.
The Bolt allows the user to turn of the device completely via the Panel or the APP using the new “Stealth Mode” using this mode will turn of the device completely from 1-24 hours. Once the device wakes, the server will inform the user via sms and email that the Bolt is now switched on and in a active state.

With the new waterproof USB port, you don't need a charging mat for your device, just plug it by USB and it will charge your device.

After 3 months of inactivity, the SIM card will be deactivated.

Product Description

Bolt GPS Tracker

  • Stealth Mode: Remotely able to switch the Bolt GPS Tracker off and wake in x hours or days and remain on until further notice.
  • Battery Save Mode: Inform the Bolt GPS Tracker to only wake every x hour and report a position until further notice.
  • Life Tracking Mode: Track the Bolt GPS Tracker from 10 seconds unless the user places the device in any of the above states.

Important Facts About The Bolt GPS Tracker

  • A solid and complete water tight GPS Tracker that requires no intervention from the customer
  • Flexible operating modes that are activated via the panel or the APPS
  • Don’t need a charging mat
  • Can be magnetically mounted to metal objects. Magnets are inside the device
  • Optional RF transmitter placed inside if required
  • Outstanding Battery life
  • Can be armed remotely and inform you within seconds if the asset is moved, only in live tracking mode
  • Will inform you if the device breaches a security zone placed around the area
Housing Weight Radio Technology GPS AGPS Functionality
L 144mm/W 58mm/H 44.8mm 415g Frequency: 850//900/1800/1900 GPS/GPS Channels 50 GPS L1 Frequency UBlox G6010-st


Battery Battery Life Motion sensor Radio Transmitter Radio Transmitter Output
  • 12000 Mah
  • Max 2 Years in Stealth Mode – Report 2 times per day
  • Max 3 months- 60 second live tracking
2g acceleration scale-3-Axis Frequency: 433.075 1 mW