205Ah Huge Power Pack205Ah Huge Power Pack
205Ah Huge Power Pack
205Ah Huge Power Pack
205Ah Huge Power Pack

12V 205Ah Power Pack

1,645.00 excl. VAT

10A – 12.6V Charger included

The 12V 205Ah Power Pack can be used to power the following products:

  • PTZ Rapid Deployment kit – 77Ah
  • PTZ Rapid Deployment kit – 205Ah
  • Rapid Arlo Camera Deployment System

Product Description

12V 205Ah Power Pack with GPS and Remote Management

Rugged and tough using extreme hard fireproof compact EVA protection around the Prismatic Cells ensures a Power Pack for the most extreme environments. Containing a huge 205Ah battery, giving you plenty of power for sustained use.

We believe in less is better. That’s why, there are no lights or switches, there is no on-off button, keeping the 12v 205Ah Power Pack more watertight and robust. Having the ability to remotely switch your power on-off, via the APP, or the PC tracking panel is a great and demanding feature.

A global data roaming SIM card is included within the GPS Tracker in the case and there are no monthly fees or further data costs, this has been included within the cost of the 12v 205Ah Power Pack.

Charger with power cable included

The rugged 12v 205Ah Power Pack also contains a heavy duty 10A – 12.6V fast charger, with a 2 meter heavy duty cable that connects from the case to any of our kits.

Benefits with Remote Access to the 12v 205Ah Power Pack

  • Always view your battery remaining power
  • Switch power on-off remotely
  • Protection if the case is moved via SMS alerts and push alerts
  • Geofencing if it arrives or leaves an area
  • Low battery warnings
  • Instant 2 second tracking and regular health checks
  • 4G/LTE with 2G backup ensuring a good connection to the network

The case contains two waterproof connectors, either can be used to charge the 12v 205Ah Power Pack or supply extra power to any of the GoTEK7 range of equipment. If used with a smaller power case, the larger case will charge the smaller case and any power remaining will be extracted from both cases.

The Battery Contains a Battery Management System ensuring the following protection

Safety certifications

What’s included ?
  • 1 x Rugged Peli Case 1550 containing:
    • 1 x Li-ion Prismatic 205Ah battery
    • 1 x GPS tracker with unlimited tracking ability
  • 1 x 10A – 12.6V charger for the case
  • 1 x 5m Power cable
Can I have custom cables/connectors?

If required, we can customize the connectors and power cables to meet your requirements for your equipment.

Just contact us, we will find a solution for you.