Tracking Panel features

The GPS tracking platform allows you to follow your GPS devices everywhere at every time. This tracking panel is free and can be used on PC or tablet just by searching for "" in the URL.

Some cool features such as Sat Nav routing, Show Live Traffic or access to Streetview mode are available on this platform. You'll discover the different possibilities on the panel by watching the video or by reading the article.

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Features and updates

This platform was developed in HTML and SQL allows to be faster and more responsive to your GPS tracked. Moreover, this platform will now be easier to use because it does not require additional plugins to ensure its operation. The new design of this platform makes it more attractive and fits all types of devices (computers and tablets).

Adjust your settings

Now you can simply adjust the GPS tracking platform based on the settings you want with its new configuration interface. You will have the ability to rename your tag to assign a meaningful name that will let you identify it easily.

You can choose whether to display the distance traveled by your tracker in Kilometers or Miles. It will also be possible to change the Time Zone to adapt monitoring depending on the country in which you are located or the country in which your tracker is because our trackers can be monitored in about 135 countries.

This platform will also be changed from French to English in a single click!

Make sure your phone number (with the country code) is in "Contact" in order to receive alerts from your tracker. Don't forget to tick the types of alert you want to enable !

New Panel Release
Show traffic

Show traffic

With this new interface, it will be possible to get an overview of the current traffic in order to know the route to take to go faster, or to know where the plotter will be slowed in its development.

This is now possible because our tools are connected to the TomTom servers allowing us unmatched quality monitoring. It will also be possible to view the location of other people connected to the same account you through the "Show Others" tab. A new tool will be available: route calculation and display the shortest route to reach your chartplotter from your current location.


This new platform also incorporates the principle of Streetview allowing any time to activate that mode and see around here or are your plotter.

A significant advantage is the display size that fits the size of your screen, it provides a clearer and more dynamic overview.

Create zones

Create zones

It will be possible to establish boundaries on the map which will allow you to receive alerts when your plotter or come out of the defined area. As you can see from the above image, the layout of the zones can be done in different ways: either a circle with a diameter you want, or a polygon, you define the contours yourself!

View your history

You will be able to directly access the history of your tracker, ie see every positions he recorded, see every movement alert triggered and also changes in the status of your tracker.

It will be possible to view details such as the date and time of the recording of an event, or the battery status at this time, the speed at which your plotter moved and the distance traveled by the last.

It's now possible to export your history on an Excel sheet or on a PDF.

View your history

Route from a tracker to another one

You can now find the faster route between two trackers with this new functionnality.

You can decide either driving, walking or cycling.

Show DMC

The DMC offer you the possibility to have an overview of all your GPS trackers. It's very useful when you've got a lot of trackers.

You can see the position of your trackers, their battery state, their speed and their status.


Eco Mode

This mode allows you to inform your device to only wake every X hour. So for example, you may wish your tracker to only report a GPS position every 4 hours. The device will then switch off and wake every 4 hours and send a position to the panel.

The benefits are:

  • Increases battery life
  • Cannot be detected whilst the device is off

To return the device to its normal tracking state, you simply Click the “exit eco mode” button. The device will then receive this command from our servers, only when the device is due to wake up.

It will then accept the command and return to its normal tracking mode. This mode can be found in the Commands section called “Eco Mode”

Stealth Mode

This mode allows you to completely switch of your device for a period of time.

The benefits are:

  • Increases battery life because the device does not consume any power whilst in this state
  • Very difficult to detect with detection equipment whilst in this mode

Once placed into this mode, The panel will display the time in days/mins/secs when your device will switch back on. You cannot send any commands to the device whilst the device remains in stealth mode.

To activate Stealth, simply go to the Commands button and you are able to activate this mode.