GOTEK 7 Launch The New Prime Alert at the IFSEC Show

After many months in the making, Gotek 7 are delighted to announce the release of the new Prime Alert at the IFSEC Show in London.

Wifi enabled combined with a high performance 3G Modem from Qualcomm guarantees that data is sent at high speeds, and with enhanced filtering including echo suppression complementing clear outstanding audio quality, we are certain that its striking design and performance attributes will please our current resellers.

Our new device is simply outstanding. A unique selling point is there are very few similar devices currently on the market with will respond so quickly once the panic button is pressed. Its average response time is around 3 seconds, which is extremely fast.

A further exceptional feature is the new charging pod. Not only can the Prime Alert be charged by simply placing it into the pod, but it also has a USB back up system.

Being Wifi enabled gives us the opportunity to track and show positions on our mapping with most Wifi spots detected by the device. It also allows the device to shut down its modem and GPS system, using personal Wifi connections to send any data to our servers.

A great deal of thought and planning has gone into production of our New Prime Alert. It incorporates a double lanyard fixing to provide extra strength and security if placed around a person during emergency purposes. The loud speaker is adjustable from the app and the panel does not require the device to be held close to the user’s face.

Prime Alert – the innovative new product offering from Gotek 7 combines sleek design characteristics with exceptional high performance to deliver a device guaranteed to exceed expectations.

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